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Omar Faruk
Jul 14, 2022
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Gradually become a kind of "interactive travel". "(interactive travel), even if we "stay at home", we can still transcend the limitations of time and space through the mediation of travel (Huang Baizhen, 2019). Travel with YouTuber In order to implement anti-epidemic measures such as social distancing and personal isolation, streaming video and audio platforms, social media, and live broadcast platforms have grown up, and the safe virtual world allows people to interact and move with more peace of mind. In travel-themed groups such as ghost mannequin effect Facebook, travelers are lamenting the helplessness of not being able to move freely, and they have posted their own landscape photography before the outbreak, or shared the latest travel and sightseeing information, and even commented on the current situation of the epidemic in other countries. , the dilemma and crisis of the tourism industry, put forward discussion and debate. Many opt to watch travel-themed YouTube channels, take a virtual trip, and hang out with YouTubers. staggered journey Travel is the concrete result of contemporary globalization and mediation. This kind of travel practice, where real and virtual, data and action are intertwined, can be called "interactive travel". Our current travel experience is already a travel activity intertwined by travelers, vehicles, 3C technology equipment, and digital platforms (Davidson et el., 2017). Jennie Germann Molz (2012), a sociology professor at the College of the Holy Cross, pointed out three examples of interactive travel from her empirical research: first, the landscape becomes a "digital landscape" with the intervention of communication technology; second
Allows People to Interact Ghost Mannequin Effect content media
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Omar Faruk

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